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 Summary of Services

  • Direct Deposits and PayCards

  • On-Demand Paycheck Printing

  • Online Employee Pay Stubs and W-2s

  •  Pay 1099 Contractors with Direct Deposit

  • Tax Reporting and W-2s

  • Email Reminders, Confirmations, and Notices

  • QuickBooks® and Other Accounting Exports

  •  Multi-State Payroll Processing

  • Multiple, Customizable Pay Types and Deductions

  • Vacation, Sick and PTO Accruals

  • Human Resources Advisor

  • Time Tracking Integrated and Online

  • Labor Law Posters Automated Service

  • Online Employee Background Checks

  • Workers’ Compensation Integrated with Payroll

  • 401(k) Administration

  • Comprehensive Employee Benefits Services

It’s easy to get started


It’s quick and easy, we take care of everything. Your transition is seamless, so get started any time of year.

We have you covered. You get dedicated Advanced Support by phone, email, and texting.

Paying employees has never been simpler


Online Payroll Entry
You get a customized web page to report your payroll hours and information to us. It’s the easiest interface out there. Eliminate the errors and inconvenience of phoning, faxing, or emailing your payroll.


Direct Deposits
Go paperless. It’s free and easy. We also have PayCards so all employees can participate. The PayCard works like a Visa debit card that is automatically loaded with the employee’s pay each time payroll is run.


Pay Independent Contractors by Direct Deposit
Besides your W2 employees, we can also help you pay your 1099 independent contractors. You can pay your contractors just like you pay your employees. We track all your contractor payments and issue each of them a 1099 at the end of the year, along with electronically filing the corresponding 1096.

Online Payroll Entry.jpg

On-Demand Paycheck Printing™
Save shipping costs and time waiting for your paychecks to arrive. You can print your paychecks on-demand from our website to your printer. It makes your payroll quick, easy and predictable, and is perfect for last minute payrolls, bonus checks, correction checks, or final paychecks.

Online Employee Pay Stubs and W2s
Employees get their own secure web page to view online and print all their past and present pay stubs and W2s.
You won’t have to print pay stubs or reprint a pay stub lost by an employee.

Multi-State Payroll Processing
Technology has made working in different states easy. However, the logistics of paying employees with each state’s unique, often complicated, payroll taxes, not to mention varying labor laws, makes it very difficult. But you can rest easy while we navigate those complexities for you. Not only do we pay all the taxes and manage all the tax reporting requirements, but we even set up your accounts with all the state tax agencies. It couldn’t be easier.

We make your life easier


Payroll Tax Payments and Reporting
Rest easy, we do all your tax payments and reporting for you, including federal, state, and local tax payments; quarterly reporting; and year-end W2s, 1099s, 940, and state reporting. Know your taxes are paid on time and



Email Reminders, Confirmations and Notices
Receive an email reminder when it’s time to do payroll. You receive confirmation that your taxes are paid tax reports filed. Plus, we let you know when there is important payroll news such as changes to the minimum wage and health insurance requirements.

Quality Payroll Services.jpg

Easy to Understand Online Reports
No wasteful delivery of unnecessary reports. Save paper and always have numerous, easy-to-read reports just a click away. Choose exactly what you want to see and you can drill down for more details. Export your reports into Excel for even more flexibility, create budgets, and analyze your data further.

We track and compute all the details
Multiple Pay Types

Salaries, commissions, bonuses, customized hourly rates, overtime, tips, allowances, holiday pay, reimbursements, per diem, S-Corp pay adjustments, custom name other earnings, etc.

Numerous Deductions
Both pretax and post-tax calculations, Medical, Dental, Vision, 401(k), 403(b), Simple IRA, Roth, and all retirement plan Catchups, FSA, HSA, Cash Advances, Garnishments, etc.

Vacation, Sick and PTO Accruals
Each employee’s vacation/sick balance and current amount taken shows on the pay stub. Accrue per pay period, per hour, or a lump sum. Set a maximum amount of hours an employee can accrue.

We close the loop by integrating with your accounting
QuickBooks® Integration and Accounting GL Exports

We can export all your paycheck, direct deposit, and tax payment data to QuickBooks desktop or Online. No more data entry. Set up is free.

You, Your Staff, and Bookkeeper
We work closely with you and your staff to provide the quality payroll processing, HR procedures and reporting that is efficient and reliable to make your jobs easier. Because our payroll integrates with QuickBooks, we save you and your staff a lot of time and potential errors as we eliminate the otherwise tedious and time consuming journal entries you would have to make with the other payroll services.

Why Choose Us.jpg

We work closely with your bookkeeper so they have all the information they need to properly keep your payroll records and post entries based on our calculations such as benefits deductions and payments, etc. Our QuickBooks integration saves your bookkeeper valuable time and eliminates errors. If you are in need of a bookkeeper, we can provide you a high-quality bookkeeper that fits your particular situation through our bookkeeper partner network.


Partner CPAs

We work directly with your CPA so you don’t get stuck in the middle. We provide them with all necessary reporting, answer their questions, and work with them on special situations. If you are in need of a CPA, we can provide you a high-quality CPA that fits your particular situation through our CPA partner network.

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