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Customer Testimonials

Veronica Herra, CEO

Thank you Easytrack! You helped us get our payroll going even through glitches and errors on our part.

Cinda Daggett, President

The HR Department

I have worked with Brian and his team at Easytrack Payroll for over 25 years. I own an HR consulting company and he has assisted many of my clients. What separates this company from all the 100 other payroll companies is their dedication to customer support. Nothing “falls through the cracks” and the payroll is done right the first time. If a client needs some “hand holding” Brian and his team are ready to help with whatever the client needs. Right away!! No “getting passed around to various people” that know nothing about your company. I cannot recommend this company enough!

Brian Senjem


I’m the owner of Easytrack Payroll. My passion has always been helping businesses succeed. I started Easytrack Payroll in 2007, to bring back what’s been missing in the payroll industry, a reliable, proactive payroll service that goes beyond only software. With all the ever-increasing payroll regulations and complexity, the human component is imperative now more than ever. We have an amazing team, and we love what we do. We’re looking forward to giving you our best in taking care of your payroll needs.

Weslyn Austin, Operations Director

Association for Community Living

Emily Houghton is awesome! She is always there to help me with any problems I have and is always cheerful. Thank you for her!

Emily Houghton

Certified Payroll Professional

My time at Easytrack enables me to do things better. Our team gives to each other the same great support we give to our clients. That happy-to-help attitude is genuine. I am a better team member because of it. Getting to know our clients makes the role of customer support feel more personal. That helps me to provide better service to my clients. We are given tremendous opportunities for professional growth which helps me to be a better payroll professional. Easytrack values family and provides the flexibility I need in order to be present and active in my own family. I balance work life and family life better now than I did in previous positions.

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