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Your locally-owned Boulder and Denver, Colorado payroll service.

We provide full service payroll for small & medium-sized businesses. Easytrack is the ideal choice for startups, growth companies, and organizations wanting unmatched accuracy, reliability, and advising.

We have a first-class team of Payroll Accountants & HR Advisors. Our education, experience & expertise make us more than just another payroll service.


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An entirely new way to think about your payroll. Large enough to meet all your needs, small enough to know your name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My current payroll has errors. Can you help me fix them?

Absolutely. Many people come to us with payroll problems, and so we specialize in helping fix past errors.

Q: How do you ensure my tax payments are paid correctly?

We electronically transfer your taxes from your bank account directly to the IRS and directly to the state, instead of impounding your taxes like other payroll services do. This creates a clear audit trail, and you see each tax payment on your bank statement, so you know they were paid correctly and on time. We also email you a payment confirmation, including the IRS confirmation number.

Q: I have employees in another state, can you help me get them paid?

Yes, we process all of your out-of-state payroll taxes and reporting. We even get you started by setting up your payroll accounts with the state tax agencies, including employer ID numbers.

Q: What size of businesses do you work with?

We serve all industries and work with any business, nonprofit, or one owner S-Corps. No company is too small.

Q: Can you provide me with resources for hiring and managing employees?

Yes, we advise you on best practices, and provide you with the checklists and forms that you need. HR Services

Q: How soon can I get started?

For small payrolls, we can start you immediately. For larger and more complex payrolls, we can start within two weeks.