Why Choose Us

We calculate your payroll with the accuracy and reliability you deserve.
We process payroll with the latest technology and with the efficient systems and procedures only an independent, locally-owned company can develop and execute.

We take care of you.
We pride ourselves on providing each client with personal and professional attention. You can call us directly on our cell phones, text us, email us, and we’ll even walk right into your office if you need us. You can also walk right into our office if you like. Our HQ is local, right here in Boulder, Colorado.

You receive true expertise from our staff.
We help you plan and analyze your Payroll and HR needs. Our proactive approach keeps you up to date with the important information you need to know, and we advise you every step of the way.

Our education and experience make the difference.
We have degrees in accounting. We are Certified Payroll Professionals (CPPs) and have many years of experience solving numerous payroll issues. You get a dedicated payroll accountant who can help you no matter the complexity of your payroll needs.

Payroll and HR have a great impact on your business. We advise you in areas such as:

Pay Periods and Pay Dates
Choosing the right pay period and time schedule to run payroll affects everything from your cash flow and accounting to time tracking and how employees work. We help you determine what the best solution is for your business situation.

Time-off Benefits
We provide you options for setting the right time-off accrual schedules to avoid discrimination cases and any misunderstandings. For your particular business, we discuss which solution is better to implement, a vacation/sick pay structure or a PTO structure. We review with you the pros and cons of each option.

Unemployment Claims
Good documentation can save you money and problems down the road that can distract you from running your business. Learn what information you should keep on file and how to handle employee relations. Learn how to respond to unemployment claims and other important processes in order to mitigate paying out unnecessary unemployment claims.

We discuss with you your payroll accounts and map your payroll accounting needs with your business needs.

We provide a variety of reports online to suit your specific business needs. The reports are easy to read, and we are available to review them with you.

Compensation and Benefits
We advise you how to approach a variety of compensation practices, i.e., offering bonuses vs. wage increases, which employees qualify to be exempt from overtime, and how to account for payments such as retroactive raises, special bonuses, allowances, etc. We help you understand the value and perceived value of a particular benefit as well as the total value package.

Final Paychecks
We advise you on how soon you need to give your employee his/her final paycheck upon departure. We make sure you are following the regulations based on your particular situation and the law.


"Easytrack Payroll provides outstanding, personalized customer support." 

- Sue Hempstead
Downtown Boulder

Emails from our clients:

“Thanks!!! You have really been a great help to me, I am sooo happy we chose to go with you and your company for our payroll!”

“Thank you SO MUCH for your help with keeping our payroll on track – truly above and beyond ‘the call of duty!'” 

"You rock! Thank you."