HR & Benefit Services

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Human Resources Advisors

Regardless of whether you have one or one hundred employees, there are legal compliance requirements to follow, and we are here to guide you through the complexities. We help you understand which regulations apply to your business and help you maintain a positive work environment. We include HR advising with our services as we believe payroll isn't complete without it.

We make sure you have what you need to be in compliance with the labor laws. We provide new hire and termination checklists, HR forms and templates, and coaching on best practices. You receive advice such as how to avoid unnecessary unemployment rate hikes, back tax charges and penalties, and issues with employees.

As an Easytrack Payroll client, we also offer an array of additional services (listed below), which you may want as your business grows or as your company size and type of business dictate.

Even the finer details are covered for you

Labor Law Posters Automated Service
We help you stay in compliance with the labor laws. New laminated posters are shipped each time there is a law change, which is multiple times a year. You don’t have to think about it. We have you covered.

Employee Background Checks
We provide our clients with a fast and easy way to conduct low cost, pre-employment background checks. You receive online access to request checks and review results as well as live customer support.

Save time and money with no-hassle services integrated with our payroll

Time Tracking
Save time and reduce costly errors by allowing your employees to enter their hours online. Throw out that old time clock, paper or spreadsheet. Our online time tracking is simple and quick for employees to enter their time and you to review and approve. It fully integrates with payroll, eliminating double entry.

Workers' Compensation Insurance
We have a couple options. The Pay-As-You-Go option integrates your workers' compensation into our payroll service. Every payroll period, we upload your payroll amounts to the insurance carrier, so they can calculate your workers’ comp on your actual numbers. You pay only on your actual payroll for the pay period. This means you don’t have lump sum payments or annual audits. You can rest easy knowing your workers’ comp is accurate. The traditional option, depending on your business, may give you a better rate. Our broker, Boulder Insurance Solutions, can give you the best rate and service around.

It's easy to provide benefits to your employees

Comprehensive Employee Benefits Service
We work closely with your benefits broker of choice to ensure your deductions are calculated correctly. But if you want a complete solution, we can provide you one. 

Whether you’re looking for medical, dental, vision, life insurance, disability coverage, flexible spending account administration, or even COBRA administration, we have you covered with our partner RiteHealth Solutions. You are provided a comprehensive benefits analysis of the entire Colorado market – all the best insurance carriers. RiteHealth shops the market so you don’t have to. You’ll get the best value for your dollar and will receive first-class benefits advising, so you have the right mix of benefits and nothing you don’t need for your particular situation. Plus, you are kept up to date on the latest healthcare reform. 

You receive an annual market analysis and review, customized employee benefit summary handouts, open enrollment employee presentations, monthly newsletter with industry updates, monthly bill reconciliation, enrollment changes (new hire/terminations), an online benefits portal, and much more.

401(k) Administration and Retirement Plans

We make it easy for you to offer your employees a high-quality retirement solution by introducing you to our partners in the community.  You’ll receive professional advising and local support from the best in the area, keeping things simple for you and ensuring compliance in the strictly regulated world of finance.


“Easytrack's professionalism, personal touch and systems instills confidence.” 

- John Bonvallet
Funovation Inc

Emails from our clients: 

“Do you know the requirements if someone is 15 ½ and I was looking at possibly hiring them? I heard they need a work permit but then someone else said they don’t anymore so thought I would see what you know…since you always have all the right answers.” 

“You are EXCELLENT at keeping us up to date!” 

“Thank you so much. You are a life saver.”