Eco-Friendly Payroll

Going paperless has never been simpler – we have the latest technology

Online Payroll Entry
You get a customized web page to report your payroll hours and information to us. It's the easiest interface out there. Eliminate the errors and inconvenience of phoning, faxing, or emailing payroll hours.

Direct Deposits and PayCards
It's free and easy. Make a Go-Green Pay Policy with your employees. Rather than paper checks, you can give them the option of either direct deposit or a payroll PayCard. The PayCard works like a Visa debit card that is automatically loaded with the employee’s pay each time payroll is run. Save time and reduce costs, check fraud, and waste.

On-Demand Paycheck Printing™
If you must use paper checks, then save shipping costs and time waiting for your paychecks to arrive. You can print your paychecks on-demand from our website to your printer. It makes your payroll quick and easy, and is perfect for last minute payrolls, bonus checks, correction checks, or final paychecks.

Online Employee Pay Stubs
Employees get their own secure web page to view and print all their past and present pay stubs online. You won’t have to print pay stubs or reprint a pay stub lost by an employee.

Easy to Understand Online Reports
No wasteful delivery of unnecessary reports. Save paper and always have numerous, easy-to-read reports just a click away. Choose exactly what you want to see and you can drill down for more details. Export your reports into Excel for even more flexibility, create budgets, and analyze your data further.

Online Time Tracking
Save time and reduce costly errors by allowing your employees to enter their hours online. Throw out that old time clock, paper or spreadsheet. Our online time tracking is simple and quick for employees to enter their time and you to review and approve. It fully integrates with payroll, eliminating double entry.


Email from a client:

"I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE these online files. I can never seem to keep track of all the paperwork, and now I always know where it is and can get copies as needed. Thank you!"

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